Houston, Texas – David Balat, a Healthcare professional and Hospital Executive, wanted to reach out and thank all the first responders for saving his family. David was one of the many who suffered due to Hurricane Harvey. Everything he owned, from his home, to his possessions, was destroyed in the flood.

"I wanted to personally thank the first responders, the Fire Department, the National Guard, and everyone who was volunteering to rescue people in this catastrophe. My family and I are grateful for those who put themselves in danger to save others. Due to Hurricane Harvey, my family and I lost our home and everything in it, but due to the brave efforts of our rescuers, we didn't lose that which is most important, each other. Our faith is stronger than ever, and I am extremely thankful for my family's safety. I hope and pray for the safety of everyone in Houston during this devastating time."

"This isn't a time for politics, or finger pointing," Balat continued. "Right now is the time for helping others, and I want to give our rescuers as much attention as I can."

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