Republican Precinct Chairs are excited about a new representative for CD 7

Houston, Texas – David Balat, a Healthcare professional and Hospital Executive is a candidate on the GOP ticket for CD 7. Republican Precinct Chairs and activists are coming out the woodwork to support his campaign because they believe David Balat is the right Republican candidate to represent them.

"Republican Precinct Chairs are ready for a leader and a movement in CD 7 that they believe in and can get behind." - David Balat, Republican Candidate for CD 7

Republican Precinct Chairs and SD Chairs Representing CD 7

Kelly Horsley, Precinct Chair 877, Blogger/Author for "The Political Chicken"

"Doc" Greene, Precinct Chair 709, Host of The Amazing Doc Greene Show

Philip Waite, Precinct Chair 400, Host of the People's Townhall

Judy Lanum, Precinct Chair 0050

Kay Tyner, Precinct Chair 862

Jeanne Hall, Precinct Chair 891

Sonny Khatua Precinct Chair 345

Omar Khawaja, Precinct Chair 711

Tim Taft, Precinct Chair 298

James Tomlin, Precinct Chair 712

Sarah Huyuh, Precinct Chair 567

Mike Sauerzopf, Precinct Chair 938

Evan Norton, Precinct Chair 430

Beth Akin, SD #13 Chair, Precinct Chair 297, Founder of the Citizen Action Workshop

In a district that falls solely in Harris County, Precinct Chairs from across the county have expressed concern for lackluster leadership in a Republican seat. These precinct chairs are affected by the votes of their Republican Congressmen in Harris County.

Harris County Republican Precinct Chair Outside of CD 7

Jay Lewchanin, Precinct Chair 748

Brian Taef, Precinct Chair 558

Mike Stanart, Precinct Chair 270

Jamie Fuselier, Precinct Chair 853

Don Berndt, Precinct Chair 564

"I'm proud to endorse David Balat's candidacy for US Congress. I feel that David brings a fresh perspective to CD-7 as a candidate. His experience as a business professional in the healthcare industry is something the constituents of Congressional District 7 could definitely benefit from. I hope you'll join me in supporting David for Congress during the March primary." - Kelly Horsley, Precinct Chair 877, Blogger/Author for "The Political Chicken".

"I am happy to endorse David Balat for Congress. I am tired of a Representative who is unwilling or unable to keep his campaign promises. I believe David to be a true conservative and a man of intelligence and integrity, and I think he will do his best to balance the budget, get the government out of the healthcare business and generally promote conservative values." - Kay Tyner, Precinct Chair 862

For questions contact Donna Stanart at (832) 915 - 0061, Donna@DavidBalat.com.