Houston Health Care professionals line up behind David Balat for CD7

Houston, Texas –The Health Care community is coming out to endorse David Balat. Balat is a common sense conservative who has the experience and understanding on how to get government out of the health care industry, while also promoting a system that lowers costs.

"I'm a businessman, not a politician,” said David Balat, a Health Care professional and Hospital Executive who is a candidate on the GOP ticket for CD 7. “I understand healthcare and my experience would benefit our district in coming up with commonsense conservative solutions to this industry. I am enthusiastic to have the health care community behind my campaign. It signals that no longer will they allow lies from incumbent politicians who don’t keep their word. Health Care professionals understand someone with my experience would benefit this district and the nation."

Health Care Professionals Endorsing David Balat for Congress

Dr. Mirza Baig, M.D., Ph.D. Neurosurgeon - Neuro Care Partners

Valerie Berger, MSN - Chief Nursing Officer

Paula Buhr, R.N., B.S. - Registered Nurse

Randy Butler, CEO - Health Care Executive

Dr. Lucky Chopra, M.D., CEO - Advanced Diagnostics

Armand Cummings, C.S.T. - Certified Surgical Technician

Marilyn H. Cummings, MBA., RN., ANOD - Chief Nursing Officer

Steve Jackson, C.P.A. - Health Care CFO

Dr. Nadeem Jamil, M.D. - Family Practice Physician

Zelman Joseph, C.P.A. - Health Care CFO

Cheryl Kelley MSN, BSN, RN - OR Nursing Director

Dr. Camil Kreit, M.D. - Family Practice Physician

Richard Lee - Health Care Executive

Jonathon Loo, MS, BS, MLS, (ASCP) - CM Lab Director

Heath Lovell - Health Care CEO

Dr. George Miller, M.D. - Cardiologist

Don McCormick - Health Insurance Executive

Dr. Sami Ouais, M.D. - Endocrinologist

Dr. H.D. Patel, M.D., Partner - GI Specialists of Houston

P.V. Patel - Nuclear Technologist

Colonel Olga Rodriguez, R.N., US Army (Retired) - Chief Nursing Officer

Ethan Sanders - Founder and Executive Vice President

Dr. Ifepo Sofola, M.D., Partner - Allergy & ENT Associates

Dr. Navin Subramanian, M.D. - Spine Surgeon

Robert Turner - Hospital CEO

Dr. Shakeel Uddin, M.D. - Cardiologist

Dr. Arnold Valenson, M.D. - Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Kevin Wacasey, M.D. - Internal Medicine Physician & Author

"The battles in Washington are not about healthcare. They are about who is going to pay for it. David Balat understands that and has the experience to guide the legislative process toward efficient payment. As a hospital administrator and consultant, David's focus has been on getting his employers and clients paid for services rendered under a very convoluted system. David understands the existing system and knows how it should be changed to ensure that patients are charged fairly and that providers are paid fairly. David Balat understands the economics and politics of healthcare finance." - Steve Jackson, CPA - Health Care CFO

"We need someone like David Balat in Congress that understands the issues and has the experience in the health care industry to enact common sense solutions. He has the experience, knowledge, and determination to keep the quality of health care and improve access and reduce the administrative burden. We need people with experience in DC, not politicians. We can trust that David is there for the patients and the providers, not the lobbyists." - Dr. Camil Kreit, M.D.

For questions please contact Donna Stanart at Donna@DavidBalat.com or (832) 915 - 0061.