Hon. Steve Le, M.D., City of Houston Council Member District F

Hon. Jim Pappas, Mayor of Hunters Creek Village

Hon. Sheri Sheppard, City of Jersey Village Council Member

Hon. Roman Reed, Position No. 1 & Mayor Pro Tempore

Hon. Tom Ramsey, Mayor of Spring Valley Village

Katy and Fort Bend Christian Magazines

Don Berndt - Precinct Chair 564

Charles Cupples - Precinct Chair 646

Kenneth Depew - Veteran, Former Ted Cruz Staffer

Bobby Fuller - Precinct Chair 588

Jamie Fuselier - Precinct Chair 853

Rolando Garcia - SD #15 Chair, Precinct Chair 33

Adam Hoffman - High School Republican of Texas, Chairman

Daniel Jara - Secretary and former President of the Greater Houston Association of Mortgage Professionals

Jay Lewchanin - Precinct Chair 748

Russell Rush - Precinct Chair 835

Mike Stanart - Precinct Chair 270

Eric Standlee - Precinct Chair 669

Tammi L. Strum - Precinct Chair 649

Brian Taef - Precinct Chair 558

David Wilson - Director of the Cypress Texas Tea Party, Precinct Chair 923

Paul Vo

SD #13 Chair - Beth Akin, Precinct Chair 297, Founder Citizen Action Workshop

PCT 050 - Judy Lanum

PCT 298 - Tim Taft

PCT 345 - Sonny Khatua

PCT 400 - Philip Waite, Host of the People's Townhall

PCT 492 - Thomas L. Korkmas

PCT 430 - Evan Norton

PCT 567 - Sarah Huyhn

PCT 709 - "Doc" Greene, Host of The Amazing Doc Greene Show

PCT 711 - Omar Khawaja

PCT 712 - James Tomlin

PCT 862 - Kay Tyner

PCT 877 - Kelly Horsley, Blogger/Author for "The Political Chicken"

PCT 891 - Jeanne Hall

PCT 938 - Mike Sauerzopf

Dr. Mirza Baig, M.D., Ph.D. Neurosurgeon - Neuro Care Partners

Valerie Berger, MSN - Chief Nursing Officer

Paula Buhr, R.N., B.S. - Registered Nurse

Randy Butler, CEO - Health Care Executive

Dr. Lucky Chopra, M.D., CEO - Advanced Diagnostics

Armand Cummings, C.S.T. - Certified Surgical Technician

Marilyn H. Cummings, MBA., RN., ANOD - Chief Nursing Officer

Steve Jackson, C.P.A. - Health Care CFO

Dr. Nadeem Jamil, M.D. - Family Practice Physician

Zelman Joseph, C.P.A. - Health Care CFO

Cheryl Kelley MSN, BSN, RN - OR Nursing Director

Dr. Camil Kreit, M.D. - Family Practice Physician

Richard Lee - Health Care Executive

Jonathon Loo, MS, BS, MLS, (ASCP) - CM Lab Director

Heath Lovell - Health Care CEO

Dr. George Miller, M.D. - Cardiologist

Don McCormick - Health Insurance Executive

Dr. Sami Ouais, M.D. - Endocrinologist

Dr. H.D. Patel, M.D., Partner - GI Specialists of Houston

P.V. Patel - Nuclear Technologist

Colonel Olga Rodriguez, R.N., US Army (Retired) - Chief Nursing Officer

Ethan Sanders - Founder and Executive Vice President

Dr. Ifepo Sofola, M.D., Partner - Allergy & ENT Associates

Dr. Navin Subramanian, M.D. - Spine Surgeon

Robert Turner - Hospital CEO

Dr. Shakeel Uddin, M.D. - Cardiologist

Dr. Arnold Valenson, M.D. - Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Kevin Wacasey, M.D. - Internal Medicine Physician & Author